The Five 'N' Dime Poets are a roots-fueled, alt country, outlaw Rock-N-Roll trio hailing from Flint, Michigan. This band's unique sound goes beyond being confined to a specific genre, blending Americana, Psychedelic Honky-Tonk and Alt Country influences into their music. Fronted by Cash O'Riley, with Tyler Clayton on bass and Justin "JRock" Girard on drums, The Five 'N' Dime Poets deliver an incredible performance that captivates audiences. With their storytelling, soul stirring lyrics and gritty guitar riffs, they create an intoxicating musical experience.

 From their debut album Hobos, Hillbillies & Outlaws to their captivating live shows, The Five 'N' Dime Poets showcase their dedication to their craft and their passion for creating powerful, unforgettable music.

-Shonda Michelson - All Music Magazine - August 2023